28 juillet 2009

My first post --> java must be simpler

It is my first post. I just created the blog 5 minutes ago.

- Why did I created this blog on the first place ?

- Well .... Because I just things could be better in java front end development for Internet. a lot better.

Yes ! I know : Most people do Internet-front-end eather with Flash (so good looking !) or javascript (getting better but .... long way to go men).

When I tell Internet guys I do "java applet" they just stop and look at me as if I was a strange guy coming out of a rock cave.

- So yesn, let's say it : I want to write this blog for you guys. Hey Man, many things can be built in java. Perhaps it is a bit harder then javascript but man you can go much further then with javaScript.

- Second, I have a few griefs agaisnt Sun. I don't mean to harm those guys. Afterall java Front end have never had the audiance it should have had. But whose fault is it ? Java Swing, java2d Sound, 2D, 3D, applet deployement you name it are often too complicated. I sometime feel many things a 'Front end java developer" has to do on a standrd day basis are a bit too complicated. So many time I also feel it would be not such a great deal to improve it. Sun people need to polish things. They fail to gain developers heart because they just do not polish things enough. Polishing and simplifying the developer's task is the key to success.

Some improvment have been done recently (java update 10, 11, 14). Some huge mistakes also (not integrating javaFx script easelly into Swing ... ).

I want here, in this blog, to show some issues I have. Mosty of those issues can be summurized in just ONE word : simplicity. Yes Sun-Oracle people : Why do you think Adobe-flash-flex has gained Internet-front-end dev a huge part of the cake ? Because they wake up in the morning to SIMPLiFY the task of the average developper (or designer). Wich I am also.

What if Sun product could also take this into account .... I am sure the success in front end java/javaFx could rise up again very fast. why ? Because there are so many java API in this world. Some are great some superb. Most of them are just waiting for the java/javaFx tide to move up again.

So here in theis blog I will try to show some ugly things I think Sun-Oracle should improve. and also some good things. Depending on my mood.

So voila.

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  • Hello, I am in big trouble with the "findAppletJDKLevel()" problem. Do you know the reason for this error? Please, write me an e-mail to svr @ start.bg ! Thanks in advance!!!

    Posté par Svetlozar, 21 septembre 2009 à 13:16 | | Répondre
  • Hello, I am in big trouble with the "findAppletJDKLevel()" problem. Do you know the reason for this error? Please, write me an e-mail to svr @ start.bg ! Thanks in advance!!!

    Posté par Svetlozar, 21 septembre 2009 à 13:17 | | Répondre
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