28 juillet 2009

JNLP debugging is more than painfull

    If you want to be part of the Front end web story you can do 3 things:- javascript- Flash (AS3)- java as an Applet The issue I will be talking here is to go from : ° point A [your program runs well on your development tool] to ° point B [your program runs inside a cool web page]. And what I thought would be easy can be quite long and painfull task. Of course I won't be talking about javascript and flash experience but on the java experience. Java on the web : Doing it the "java Web Start"... [Lire la suite]
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28 juillet 2009

My first post --> java must be simpler

It is my first post. I just created the blog 5 minutes ago. - Why did I created this blog on the first place ? - Well .... Because I just things could be better in java front end development for Internet. a lot better. Yes ! I know : Most people do Internet-front-end eather with Flash (so good looking !) or javascript (getting better but .... long way to go men). When I tell Internet guys I do "java applet" they just stop and look at me as if I was a strange guy coming out of a rock cave. - So yesn, let's... [Lire la suite]
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